Privacy Policy

Rent Split has never and will never collect personally-identifiable information.


tl;dr auto-save only saves to your browser/device

If you leave auto-save off for Rent Split, then nothing is saved at all, and refreshing, restarting the browser, navigating away, closing & reopening the tab, etc. will cause everything you put into Rent Split to be deleted.

If you turn auto-save on for Rent Split, then it saves data only to the browser you’re using, nowhere else. That means if you clear cookies/caches, you may lose everything you put into Rent Split. Also, this means if you open Rent Split in another browser, what you did in this browser will not transfer.

tl;dr your shared links contain your data

You may use the “Share this split with your roommates” feature to generate a link that you can send to your roommates.

This feature generates a very long URL which contains everything you did with Rent Split.

This once sent that URL to the URL shortener, but that has since shut down. Your URL might still be sent to, but it will not be shortened.

The URL you receive contains all the data and information you entered into Rent Split, so anyone who clicks it will be able to see that.

Since Rent Split does not save any of your data, sharing this URL means that other people now have a copy of your data, and you retain the original. Their changes cannot affect your usage of Rent Split.

Clicking one of these shared links (or entering it into your browser) will replace any and all data and information you entered into Rent Split with the data and information from that link.

Google Analytics

tl;dr We use Google Analytics as a glorified hit counter

Unless you have it blocked, Rent Split uses Google Analytics to track the following:

Currently, Rent Split only uses Google Analytics as a glorified hit counter, so We will try to ensure it remains configured only for that.